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Don’t be afraid of big fonts!

by Tom Nixon

In general the defaults and templates that ship with PowerPoint and other programs are meek and mild in the font size department. Go bold and use large, short headlines to introduce your ideas. Once you begin to use keywords instead of complete sentences or (gasp) paragraphs in your bullets you can enlarge those words for maximum effect.



Tom Nixon has over 3 decades of experience assisting clients with meaningful business communications. Contact Tom to see how he can work with your business leaders and subject matter experts …

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Could Your Company Be the Next Volkswagen? Create a Business Environment Where Leaders and Employees Have Permission to Speak

by Kelly Vandever

While the details of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal are still pouring out, the results are clear.  Volkswagen has lost millions… in stock price, in dollars to fix the emissions cheat, and in the trust of loyal fans who believed the automaker cared about more than making a buck.

From what we’re hearing so far, you just have to believe that dozens of people along the way had to have made a conscious decision to cheat the …

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Rock Your Unglamorous Work!

By Kelly Vandever

One of the things I secretly love (well, not so secret now that you’re reading this) is when I’m in a public gathering and for whatever reason, someone asks the military veterans in the room to stand and be recognized.

OH MY GOD, I LOVE TO STAND AND BE RECOGNIZED AS A VET! Yes, I’m extremely proud that I served my country…but I also dig that I’m one of the few…and sometimes the only…woman who’s standing. The look …

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Your message should be heard and seen

by Tom Nixon

There is a magical, left-brain/right-brain effect that using words plus images can have on your communication efforts. The words and logic appeal to our need to have the facts and to reason our decisions. At the same time images can build passion, emotion and feelings.

Effective salespeople know the value of appealing to emotions while at the same time helping their clients justify their decisions with logic. That is why you must sit in a new car in the showroom (and …

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Beware the Laser Pointer

by Bob Goodyear

“I feel like a dog.”

Have you ever watched a dog, maybe YOUR dog, chase that wiggly red dot of light from a laser pointer? Isn’t that great fun? Have you ever wondered what the dog is thinking after a while when it can’t ever catch the dot? I think I may have an idea about how a dog might feel after attending a technical presentation given by a product manager.

The presenter had a wireless presentation remote. It’s a best practice that presenters should have a …

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