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The Gulps and the Good of Seeking Feedback

by Claudia Brogan

It is highly tempting to live inside a little bubble about how we’re doing when delivering our presentations. It is just so appealing to use a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to how things are going, so we just leave well enough alone.

I happen to believe that we can each keep getting better each time we speak: as we polish our skills and practice our delivery, we can strengthen and fine-tune our abilities as a speaker. Tempting as it may be to stay in our comfort zone, …

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Give Your Employees Permission to Speak – Then Prepare to Be Amazed!

by Kelly Vandever

I’m passionate about giving employees permission to speak and engaging your staff to speak up. I’m passionate because I’ve seen the impact on employees and on business results.

Here’s the story of how I came to believe so strongly in giving employees permission to speak.

The Problem: Processing Travel Claims
At my second duty station, we processed all the travel claims of military personnel who transferred to the Naval Air Station in Pensacola for a permanent assignment. We also processed travel claims for those who had to …

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Rock Star

by Tom Nixon

This slide could be a call-out to a valued employee at your next staff meeting — recognizing her hard work and bravery above and beyond.

In this case it is my wife, Shirley, the Rock Star, during our recent trip to Havasu Falls at the Grand Canyon. She is standing on a rock ledge overlooking a straight drop of at least a million feet (I was much too anxious to get that close).

A simple slide like this shown to your employees says so much more …

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Simplify the Complex

by Bob Goodyear

In today’s world, information is more readily available to everyone than at any other time in history. A simple search on the internet can find everything from a great chocolate chip cookie recipe to the mapping of the human genome. This ability is a great thing for all of us.

As speakers, many times we want to include everything we know into our presentation and we make it very complex. There is a speakers’ maxim that we need to follow though to be more effective. …

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An Invasion Heading Toward Us

by Claudia Brogan

Watch out, grab your sturdy helmet, prepare to take action: there is an invasion coming. And it’s affecting public speakers and presenters nearly as frequently as newscasters and pundits.

Yes, that’s right. There is indeed an invasion going on. And I like to call it The Invasion of Over-Used and Unneeded Phrases.

Beware. These phrases and tired words can sometimes sneak into your presentations when you least expect them. Perhaps this might happen to us during our speeches, when we’re trying to sound well-educated and intellectual. Or …

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