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Updated List – Fonts in PowerPoint – Across Mac & Windows Versions of PowerPoint

by Kelly Vandever

PowerPoint Geek Kelly Vandever Rescues a Shark!
I once came to the rescue of Kevin Harrington, the famous entrepreneur who was in the first couple of seasons of Shark Tank.  He was set to speak at an event and his PC didn’t want to play nice with the venue’s projector.  Working with his assistant and tech support at the facility, we tested my MacBook and it did work with the projector.  So Kevin’s assistant quickly saved his …

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Please Pay It Forward – Help Will Haymon

by Kelly Vandever

This is Will Haymon.

He always has a SMILE on his face because he loves people and he loves life.

Only right now, he needs help.  He’s battling advanced stage myeloma cancer and needs financial help too.

Pay it forward.  Help Will even if he is a stranger to you.  He’s a wonderful man.  Please, please help.

Click here to donate to Will.

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A Little Bit of Luck – Make Your Stories REAL

by Kelly Vandever

Imagine you’re traveling in a mobile home with your family.  And it breaks down.  It cost $750 to tow the mobile home.  What do you do?

It’s your only form of transportation for you and your family and it contains everything you have with you.  What do you do?

This really happened to a customer of Nationwide insurance.  The customer called Nationwide and said “Help!”
Why Nationwide Is Telling the Story
Nationwide uses a Microsoft tool called Yammer.  It’s an internal collaboration …

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