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Three Reasons to Hire a Presentation Coach

by Kelly Vandever

Reese came to me thinking he wanted to hire me to coach him.

“I get nervous when I stand up to speak.”

“Tell me about the kinds of presentations you do.”

“Well I mostly talk with potential clients – one or two people at a time – and I have no problem with that. But when I’m at a networking event and have to stand up in front of 20 people to say what I do, I get really nervous.”

“Reese, you could spend …

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Location for Free, Royalty-Free Pictures Has Changed! SXC.hu Is Now FreeImages.com

by Kelly Vandever

I’ve mentioned a great location for free, royalty-free pictures in one of my most popular posts.  Recently I discovered that the “name” of the website has changed.

Since Getty Images bought out iStockphoto.com, and iStockphoto had owned sxc.hu,  I guess the new owners decided to rename the site FreeImages.com.

Everything appears to have remained the same, including the terms of use.  But from now on, …

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Seeking Your Business Presentation Stories!



by Kelly Vandever

I’ve written several posts about storytelling and included stories in a majority of my blog posts.


Now, it’s your turn to tell me stories!


I’m in the process of co-authoring a book with my NSA colleague Bob Goodyear.  While we will certainly be telling stories from our experiences and coaching, we’d love to hear stories from you!


Specifically, we’re looking for stories of good and bad business presentation experiences.



Business Presentations You’ve …

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