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Book Review – “Lead with a Story” by Paul Smith

by Kelly Vandever
Experience is the best teacher.  A compelling story is a close second.      – Paul Smith, Author of Lead with a Story
I’ve been searching for an excellent book on storytelling in business.  And I found it:  Paul Smith’s Lead with a Story.

Lead with a Story encourages leaders to use the power of stories to engage their audiences and move them toward the desired business action.  Smith practices what he preaches by sharing over 100 stories which he then …

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Love Your Neighbors Now

by Kelly Vandever

One year ago today, I was practicing one more time for the presentation that I’d deliver that night. Down our street, my neighbors started their days doing the activities they do any typical Tuesday.  Going to work.  Attending school.   Entertaining out of town guests.  It was a “normal” day by all accounts.

But by 7:30 PM on March 12th, the lives of those of us living on Silhouette Court would be changed forever.

My husband is a prosecuting attorney.  He has seen hundreds of jurors …

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Practice Responsible Storytelling: 5 Guidelines for Telling Stories in Business Presentations


by Kelly Vandever

I’ve done a few posts encouraging you to include stories in your business presentations.  Stories can be very powerful in making a connection with your audience and to increase retention of your key points.

But it’s important that you practice responsible storytelling!  Here are five guidelines to help!
1.  You Need to Have a Point to Your Story
Following one of my sessions on developing stories to use in business presentations, one of the audience members came up to me and said …

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