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10 Most Popular Presentation Posts of 2013 (at least at this blog site anyway)

As the year draws to a close, it’s time once again to recap the top 10 most visited blog posts of the year here at Speaking Practically.

As you think about your upcoming presentations, I hope you’ll find these topics and thoughts helpful.

Thanks for a great 2013!


#1 – What If I Don’t Like the Default Size 16:9 in PowerPoint 2013?

Currently, when opening a new slide in PowerPoint 2013, it will open by default to a larger sized slide.  Instead of the traditional 4:3 dimensions most people are used …

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Removing the Background of a Picture Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint has got this pretty slick function where it can remove the background of a picture so you can isolate just the image you want to present. When it works, it is super groovy.  The challenge is, that it doesn’t always work well.

In the video below, you’ll see how you can remove a background in a photo using PowerPoint, and what you can do when it doesn’t work smoothly.

Hope it helps you with your PowerPoint adventures!  (And if you need more help for you or your team, give me a call at 770-597-1108!  Let’s talk!)


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