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Public Speaking – How Much Rehearsal Is Too Much Rehearsal? How Much Is Too Little?

“Try it again.”

That’s what my marine drill instructor said when I went to his office and tried to remember the protocol that he’d just taught us when requesting to speak with him.  I was at the Naval Science Institute, my version of boot camp for the Navy.

It was our first day being in the military.  I needed to ask the DI a question.

What I was supposed to do and say was…

Stand next to his door …

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For the Introverts Out There! New Book Release – Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference

More than of few of my clients are self-described introverts.

For my introvert friends, I wanted to let you know about a book released TODAY called Quiet Influence:  The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference by my friend Dr. Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, PhD.

Jennifer married an introvert and has been studying them ever since!

What I love about Jennifer’s work is that she doesn’t try to get introverts to behave like their extroverted colleagues (who often get more attention for being outspoken).  Instead, she encourages introverts …

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Missing March Madness in Atlanta? Sign Up for 3-on-3 Tournament on May 4 & 5!





3 -on-3 Basketball Tournament!
May 4 -5, 2013
Meadow Creek High School
4455 Steve Reynolds Blvd
Norcross, Georgia
Youth and Adult Teams!

Click here for more information and to register your team!

Proceeds go to two great nonprofits helping youth in Atlanta and South Africa!

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Public Speaking Training Online? What Good Can Come from Practicing a Presentation Online.

I was talking recently to a college professor who is teaching public speaking in a “blended” learning environment.  I didn’t get the impression that it was his idea but portions of the class were conducted online rather than in a traditional classroom.

I must have involuntarily made a face because he said, “I know, it seems a little strange.  A public speaking class — online.  But one thing I notice is that the students, who had to record their speeches online for me to watch, …

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Common Reasons People Use Ums and Ahs in Public Speaking – And How to Avoid Them (the Ums and Ahs, Not the People) – Part 3

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, early on in Toastmasters, I was the Queen of Ums and Ahs.  I have gotten a lot better.  But even now, when the grammarian does his or her report, I still hold my breath when he/she calls my name.

The worst part about the number of ums and ahs I commonly said was that I was totally oblivious to just how many ums and ahs I was saying.  And you can bet that I had just as many ahs …

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