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PowerPoint 2010 – Quick Tip – How to Change the Default Backup Timing in PowerPoint

Tired of loosing several minutes of hard work on your PowerPoint slides due to a fluke in your computer?  Adjust your settings in PowerPoint so that your file is saved more often!
Here’s a video to walk you through – Changing the Default Backup Timing in PowerPoint 2010

Follow the Steps Below…
In PowerPoint 2010 go to…

File/ Options

On the Options Menu, click on Save

On the top of that new menu, you’ll see the heading Save Presentations

The second line down, change the number to 5 minutes (or whatever works for you)

Then press OK


PowerPoint will now back up and save …

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New Year’s Resolution: Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

 It’s that time of year again… when the roll of the calendar makes us think about how we’d like to make our life better in the year to come.


If you’ve set “overcoming the fear of public speaking” on your new year’s resolution list, I’m guess you have a good reason for it.  Are you hoping to do better at work or at school by overcoming the fear?  Do you have an important message to share that won’t get out there if …

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