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Rest in Peace Zig Ziglar

I was just thinking about Zig Ziglar the other day as I was driving home from downtown Atlanta.  I was listening to a business podcast and thought, “Hey, I haven’t listened to my Zig Ziglar CDs in such a long time.  I’d love to listen to them again.  I wonder where they’re at…”

A Toastmasters friend gave me those first Zig Ziglar CDs more than a decade ago.  Hearing Zig speak was motivating and when I first got them, I played them over and over.  Not only did …

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Listening to Yourself on a Recording

The picture in this post is not Nikki.  But this is what Nikki’s face looked like as she screamed, “That’s not what I sound like!!!”

Nikki was 6 at the time and had started to watch a video of herself recorded on her mother’s iPhone.  Nikki wigged out.  She screamed “Make it stop!”  She flailed around in protest and she insisted that the recording was not how she sounded.

Nobody Likes Their Own Recorded Voice at First
Nikki is not …

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More Webinar Tips Thanks to Tara Lamboley, Chief Business Development Officer at REV Demand

I love technology — except when it doesn’t work!

I’m having some sort of issue that is keeping people from leaving comments on my blog!  Travesty!!

While I’m working through that issue, the wonderful Tara Lamboley with REV Demand emailed me more webinar tips that I just HAD to share!

Please be patient while we get the technology working again.  And in the meantime, enjoy wisdom from Tara Lamboley.  Thanks for sharing Tara!!!


Great post, Kelly!  I like your idea of approaching Webinars as we …

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