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Liven Up Your Next Webinar – Part 2

Yesterday, I shared with you ideas for improving your next webinar.  Let’s pick up with more suggestions on adding audience interaction.
More Tips on Audience Interaction
Use “Hand Raise” to Poll the Audience
As you go through your content, are there places where it would be helpful to know who cares about the topics?  Consider asking people to use the “raise hand” feature to indicate their interest.

For example, with the TAG orientation program, there are a list of “Fun” events that the organization sponsors.  They can ask attendees of the webinar …

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Liven Up Your Next Webinar – Part 1

I recently provided some consulting to TAG – the Technology Association of Georgia – on an upcoming orientation webinar that they’re putting together.   I thought that others might benefit from the advice as well.

After all, none of us want our audiences checking their email or falling to sleep during our webinars!

Today and tomorrow, we’ll talk about ideas for how you can liven up your next webinar!




Your Webinar – The TV Program
While a webinar is a form of business presentation, to …

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“We desperately need great communications from our scientists and engineers in order to change the world”

I was coaching a scientist with the CDC.  She was preparing to present research findings about HIV prevention.

It occurred to me that I may never pull together a presentation with as great an impact on human lives as this scientist.  But if I could help her communicate her message, then my work had meaning.

Melissa Marshall’s TED Talk – Talk Nerdy to Me
In a four minute TED video, Melissa Marshall, a faculty member with the Department of Communication Arts & Sciences …

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Timing Is Everything

“Kelly, I know you’re a professional.  I know you’ll finish on time.” 

That’s what Jill said to me yesterday as I was setting up before I spoke at the Atlanta Women’s Network.

One of the past presidents of the organization was standing near by and said, “Yeah, we’ve had some challenges with speakers ending on time before.” 

“Yeah, I’ve had timing cards, been waving them in the air,” Jill said demonstrating with her arm fully extended and wildly waving back and forth, “and still they don’t stop!  …

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Survey Results – The Technical Presenter’s Bible

Thank you to the 73 people who completed the survey regarding the Technical Presenter’s Bible.  My co-author and I were pleased to see that there is both need (which we suspected) and interest (which we weren’t sure about) in a book specifically geared to those who do technical presentations.

Below are the survey results (with slight modifications/names withheld).  We’ll keep you posted on the details of the book when we closer to it being ready!

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Public Speaking During Times of Business Unrest

I know the meeting was in December, but I can’t recall for certain the year.

Roger, the president of our division pulled us all together to speak to us.  He’d had to rent the ballroom of a nearby hotel to accommodate the several hundred people who made up the group.

Roger wasn’t especially comfortable with public speaking.  But what he had to tell us was important and would impact each of us personally.  So Roger was willing to face a public speaking situation to tell us …

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