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We Needed More Time: Trying to Cram Too Much Material into a Presentation

My daughter recently finished the first draft of her first novel.  With the words of Earnest Hemingway echoing in her head (“The first draft of anything is shit.”) she set out to rewrite her book into a second draft.

We were talking about her process and how painful it is to have to throw out pages of hard-fought writing.  She called it “Killing My Darlings and Disposing the Bodies” in a recent blog post.

I feel the same way with presentations.   Sometimes I’ve got great …

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Calling All Technical Presenters! Please complete this survey!!!

A co-author and I are wondering if we write a book for technical presenters, will technical presenters care?  Does anyone want to read such a book???

If you are a technical presenters, won’t you please take this survey and give us your thoughts????




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How to Public Speak … in Less than 5 Minutes: A Video

Found this video on Google+ but it was originally posted on http://ashow.zefrank.com

Good advice on public speaking plus humor… gotta love it!



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Translating PowerPoint Slides: How to Choose Fonts in PowerPoint that Are Used in Both the Apple / Mac Version of PowerPoint and the PC / Windows Versions of Office 2007 / Office 2010

During a training class last week while using a PC laptop, I mentioned in passing that my other computer was a Mac.  (OK, truth be told, I was having some technical issues and I said that I wasn’t used to using a PC – that I normally use a Mac.  But honestly, I wasn’t being snooty when I said it!)

After the session, one of the attendees asked me how I dealt with “translation” issues between slides created in the Mac version of PowerPoint versus …

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