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Listening to Your Gut – Improving Your Presentation Through Common Sense AND Science!

I’m embarrassed to admit this…  I once hired someone without interviewing her.

So here’s the situation.

I was young.  It was my first duty station in the Navy.  We needed to replace a civilian employee who’d left the department.  We had to hire from the “stopper list” – formally called the Department of Defense Priority Placement Program.  As I understood it, the people on the list had been let go as part of a Department of Defense reduction in force and they had the right to …

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Getting Schooled. You Can Always Learn More about Your Topic, and Often, Your Audience Can Be the One to Teach You!

Last week, I was working on a new e-learning project with a company called Bigger Brains.


(The Bigger Brains platform and the e-learning project will be launching soon.  And you just know I’ll be sure to share all that great information right here on this website!)


I was teaching a lesson about using PowerPoint as a presentation tool – while of course throwing in my 2 cents about better ways to use PowerPoint.


Even as I’m teaching Maren, my on-screen learner, about features and functions she didn’t know were available on …

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