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Go with the Flow – How to Organize Your Technical Presentation to Get Business Results – Part 1 – Start with the End Structure

One of the men I admired early in my career was the late Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jeremy “Mike” Boorda.  At the time I came to know of him, he was in charge of the Naval Personnel Command.

Among the lessons I learned through his leadership was that you can’t just tell people things one way.  Your need to repeat yourself but in different ways to help the information to get through.

I think something similar can be said about presentations, but I’d …

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Thank You to Big Fish Games

Yesterday, while pulling up my bank statement online to look at my balance, I noticed a recurring charge to a well known company who used to be huge in the movie rental business but who didn’t keep up with the move to digital.  (I’ll let you guess which company it is.)

I know for a fact that I have never ever had a recurring account with said company, and realized someone had stolen my credit card number.  Crap.

Upon going back through my statement, I noticed 3 …

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Connection in Imperfection

I used to say, that with presentations, it’s not about perfection…it’s about connection.

And the reason I said that was I believe that for a presenter to make a difference, the speaker has to connect with their audience.  I still believe that.

I also believe you don’t need to be a perfect speaker — with perfect gestures and phraseology and vocal variety — to be effective and to make a connection.

Therefore I came to the conclusion that with presentations, it’s not about perfection… it’s about connection.


But now …

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Using Stories in Presentations – How to Spontaneously Uncover Personal Stories

I worry sometimes that I’m a one-upper… you know, that person that hears you tell a story, then tries to one-up you with a story of their own.

I don’t like to think of myself as a one-upper, but whenever I listen to a story, my mind instantly goes to work searching for something in my background that is similar to the circumstances that I’m hearing.

If you tell me the story of how you met your spouse, I immediately think of the great story about how my …

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