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Doing Presentation When “They Need to Understand”

They need to understand how to use the new software.

Why do they need to understand how to use the new software?

Well it’s needed to do their job.





Later in the conversation…




My situation is a little different.  I’m working with the sales guys who sell our service. 

Oh, so does the software you’re training them on have to do with their role as sales people?


Do they put information about their sales into the software?


Are they paid on commission?


So could their personal reason for wanting to …

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Disaster Preparedness … For Your Presentation – Part 1 – LCD Projectors


It looks so innocent doesn't it? When it works, a projector is a great thing. But when it doesn't, disaster awaits! UNLESS you're prepared!

Do you ever have thoughts run through your head and worry that you just jinxed yourself?

I did.

I thought, “Gee, I’m glad I’ve never had a malfunction in showing my presentation slides.”  I knew immediately, that I’d just jinxed myself.

The very next time I presented, sure enough, I had a problem with my projector.

Turns out …

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The 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Business Presentation the Most

I’ve read a lot of books on presentations skills and public speak.  A lot.

And I love them.  I learn new things.  I receive validation for what I already believe.  I get another perspective on why certain things work and others don’t.

One thing I’ve noticed in these books on presentation skills and public speaking is that they include EVERY possible thing you could possibly do to improve your presentation.  One author in fact lists her tips numerically… there are 497.  …

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Technologists Are Humans Too

I was presenting at a local technology association event on a topic related to tweeting during presentations.  At this particular event, another person also presented to the group.  When he learned that presentation skills was my expertise, he said he’d welcome feedback on his presentation.

After the evening was over, I gave him some feedback.  He done a lot of things extremely well and I offered him a few suggestions.  Then I asked him about his PowerPoint slides.

“I notice on some of your slides you had a …

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Sometimes It’s OK If Your Audience Misunderstands You

I admit that sometimes I interpret what I’ve heard differently than it was intended.

As a kid, my mom used to tell me, it’s just as easy to marry a rich man as a poor man… Marry Rich!  Marry Rich!   Have you met my husband?  His name is Rich.

My mom told me I couldn’t drink and walk at the same time.  I thought she meant that humans, as a species, can’t drink and walk at the same time – you know, like you can’t sneeze and keep your …

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Be Original Already

When I first started earnestly blogging this year, I created an elaborate two-part post based on a presentation I’d just watched.  The person who was doing the presentation is well known in her industry and for me, the blog post served as way to help me learn and reinforce the lessons I’d learned from her.  Take my word for it – the presenter gave great information and I wrote a brilliant accounting of her wisdom…

You have to take my word for it because of what happened next.

As I …

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The Power of a Presentation: Developing Your Know-Like-Trust Factor

I arrived yesterday at the National Speakers Association convention #NSA11.  On my list of people I wanted to meet face to face was Roger Courville @1080Group, the guru of all things webinar.  As I walked into the Friday night pre-conference comedy event, who did I see sitting at one of the tables… Roger Courville!!!  “ROGER!” I exclaimed and gave him a big hug.  I felt like I already knew him!  Here’s how we “met.”

I some how got on the distribution list for a free webinar that Roger held where he …

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Get Feedback on Your Presentation – Even If You Have to Get Creative to Get It!

I’m a member of an advanced Toastmasters club in Atlanta called the Speakers Roundtable Advanced Toastmasters club.  Everyone in the club either at a certain level within Toastmasters, or they are a professional speaker or trainer.


I will often practice a portion of a speech in front of my fellow Toastmasters before I deliver it to my client audience.  I’m always amazed and appreciative of the great feedback they give me and I know it makes me a better speaker.


Everyone can benefit from practicing …

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Marketing Departments – Your Branding Is Being Ignored… So Drop It from Your Presentation Slides

When I first I joined Twitter back in 2009, I started following a few people I didn’t know but who seemed to be talking about topics of interest.  There was one guy in particular, we’ll call him Dee, who tweeted a whole lot.  Dee’s face adorned the left side of my screen regardless of the time of day or night when I visited Twitter.  I wasn’t finding his tweets especially helpful but I never took the time to go in to …

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A Better Beach Angel – Creating a Repeatable Phrase with Meaning for Your Presentation

Over the 4th of July weekend, we took a family vacation to surprise my mother-in-law by having all of her five children and most of her grandchildren all in one place.


Now let me explain something about my husband Rich and his siblings.  They’re loud.


The last time they were together several years ago the frenzy was all about loudly quoting lines from the Austin Powers movies and the Shrek.  This time, it was the “beach angel” commercial.


(Here’s the original commercial if you’ve …

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