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Top 10 Blog Post – Speaking Practically – Improving Presentations

In keeping with the theme of the end of year lists, below are the Top 10 Speaking Practically Blog Posts based on the number of views.  I hope you enjoy the recap and will explore any interesting posts you may have missed!  Thanks for clicking!




#1 Most Viewed Post – 5 Golden Rules of Speaking to Promote Your Business, …

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Kelly Vandever’s Top 3 Favorite Presentations of 2011

We all know what happens in December, right?  The “LISTS” come out.  I don’t mean Santa’s lists of naughty and nice.  But the media generated lists of the “Best of 2011.”


I thought I’d come up with my own list “Best Presentations of 2011.”


Now of course I’ve not seen all the presentations there were to see in 2011!  So the caveat will have to be that these are the “Top 3 Best Presentations of 2011 – that Kelly Vandever Has Seen.”  I’ve included links …

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