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Evaluate Your Conference Presentation Effectiveness – Part 3 – Preparation

I am delivering a speech at a conference this Saturday.


I should be practicing the speech.


Right now.


Updating this blog post makes about the 734th thing that I’ve done in dragging my feet.


(now here come the excuses…)


It’s a speech I’ve done on two or three occasions before.


I have done a little rehearsing already this week.


(and now for the brutal truth…)


I really need to run through about three more times.  Start to finish.


And record myself.


I hate it when I know I have to practice what I preach…


How would you rate …

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Evaluate Your Conference Presentation Effectiveness – Part 2 – More Content Evaluation


One of Mom's Surprises from Years Gone By



My mother passed away in 1999.  I still miss her.


The day of her funeral, after the service at the funeral home and after the interment at the cemetery, the extended family gathered to spend time together.


One thing that surprised me about that day was not the amount of tears… there were a lot of tears as I expected.  What surprised me was how much laughter there was.  After the services, as the family gathered together, we …

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