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Top 10 Blog Post – Speaking Practically – Improving Presentations

In keeping with the theme of the end of year lists, below are the Top 10 Speaking Practically Blog Posts based on the number of views.  I hope you enjoy the recap and will explore any interesting posts you may have missed!  Thanks for clicking!




#1 Most Viewed Post – 5 Golden Rules of Speaking to Promote Your Business, …

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Kelly Vandever’s Top 3 Favorite Presentations of 2011

We all know what happens in December, right?  The “LISTS” come out.  I don’t mean Santa’s lists of naughty and nice.  But the media generated lists of the “Best of 2011.”


I thought I’d come up with my own list “Best Presentations of 2011.”


Now of course I’ve not seen all the presentations there were to see in 2011!  So the caveat will have to be that these are the “Top 3 Best Presentations of 2011 – that Kelly Vandever Has Seen.”  I’ve included links …

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Evaluate Your Conference Presentation Effectiveness – Part 3 – Preparation

I am delivering a speech at a conference this Saturday.


I should be practicing the speech.


Right now.


Updating this blog post makes about the 734th thing that I’ve done in dragging my feet.


(now here come the excuses…)


It’s a speech I’ve done on two or three occasions before.


I have done a little rehearsing already this week.


(and now for the brutal truth…)


I really need to run through about three more times.  Start to finish.


And record myself.


I hate it when I know I have to practice what I preach…


How would you rate …

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Evaluate Your Conference Presentation Effectiveness – Part 2 – More Content Evaluation


One of Mom's Surprises from Years Gone By



My mother passed away in 1999.  I still miss her.


The day of her funeral, after the service at the funeral home and after the interment at the cemetery, the extended family gathered to spend time together.


One thing that surprised me about that day was not the amount of tears… there were a lot of tears as I expected.  What surprised me was how much laughter there was.  After the services, as the family gathered together, we …

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Raising Bail Money – For a Good Cause (MDA) – My Social Media Experiment

So this nice lady calls me on the phone to say that my name was submitted to be thrown in jail to help raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).  She said someone told her that I was a nice and giving person… that someone told her that for sure I’d say yes.

How do you say no to that kind of flattery?  Someone must have told her I respond very well to positive reinforcement!

So I said yes… then I decided to try a little experiment.

I’m …

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The Four Ways Your Marketing Department is Ruining Your Presentations – And What They (or You) Should Do Instead


I worked as a waitress at the Truck Stop Cafe on Highway 30 in Jefferson, Iowa, the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college.  I worked the graveyard shift from 10 at night until 6 in the morning.  It was my second summer waitressing there, but the graveyard shift was a whole other world for my naive 19-year-old self.

One night a customer came in with his arm in a cast.  I don’t remember much about the guy other than he …

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Evaluate Your Conference Presentation Effectiveness – Part 1 – Content Evaluation

My first job for pay was in sales… as a telemarketer for Olin Mills.

There were several of us crammed into a motel room at the Redwood Inn in Jefferson, Iowa.  I had never even heard of Olin Mills before I’d answered the ad for part time work.  I was hired for 3 whole whopping days.

We sat in this room, inches away from each other, making phone calls to the 5,000 residents of this rural Iowa town, following the script they had provided us.  If one of us …

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Making an Impact: Steve Jobs. The Rest of Us.

I heard that Steve Jobs had died through a tweet.   The hubby, thinking it was some reference to him no longer being the head of Apple, got on his iPhone and searched for a story.  He read the news.  Steve Jobs is dead at age 56. Fifty-six is such a young age to die.


I’m typing this on my MacBook Pro, my iphone to my left and my iPad to my right.  I’m an Apple convert. Steve Jobs had an impact on my life, on Apple, …

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Do you tell stories about working with prospects/clients? What’s your best advice on incorporating “I Was Working with a Client Who…” stories into presentations?

I posted a question on a series of LinkedIn groups.
Do you tell stories about working with clients?  What’s your best advice on incorporating “I Was Working with a Client Who…” stories into presentations?
I believe telling stories about working with past clients during a presentation is a great way for audiences (prospects) to get an image of what it might be like to work with me (the speaker) too.

Do you agree?

If …

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Trusting the Human Experience: Why the Average Joe’s Presentation Advice Is Worth Listening to Too.


“So do you know this Steve guy?”  That was the question a colleague in a professional association asked me on the phone after we exchanged the obligatory how-are-you-I’m-fines.


I had heard of the guy.  I didn’t get a good feeling about him the first time I came across his name and company.  You know how it is when you just get that feeling like “there’s something about this guy I don’t trust”?  Nothing I’d learned since that first impression had changed my mind.  So I briefly told …

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