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How to Create a PowerPoint Slide Show with Just a Bunch of Pictures?

Like for a Wedding, a Work Celebration, or High School Graduation? Create a Photo Album!

By Kelly Vandever

Do you want to create a slide show with a ton of pictures for a birthday party, memorial service, team meeting, or special event? Save a ton of time by using the Photo Album feature in PowerPoint!

Watch this Video on How to Quickly Insert a Large Number of Pictures into a PowerPoint Document

… or …

Follow These Step-by-Step Instructions Below

Go to the Insert tab, and click on Photo Album, and select New Photo Album.

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Top 10 Blog Articles of 2016!

As is our tradition, it’s that time of year when we share the most popular blog posts of the year.  As luck – or Google juice – would have it, all but one of the most popular posts were actually posted before 2016.

Review the list and see if there’s any important articles you may have missed!

#1 – Need to Show a Website While You Present?  Two Quick Tips Using PowerPoint!
By Kelly Vandever

I watched a conference presenter who used Google docs …

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Permission to Speak – Leadership Blog – Kelly Vandever Interviews Melissa Gordon on the Higher Purpose of Your Organization

Permission to Speak
Video Blog & Podcast
Hosted by Leadership Communications Expert Kelly Vandever
Permission to Speak is the video blog and podcast that loiters at the intersections of leaders who want their people to speak up, technology that facilitates connections, and results that serve an organization’s higher purpose.
Our guest for this episode:  Melissa Gordon

Topics discussed:

– Melissa’s guilty pleasure TV show is the Night Manager (she mistakenly called it the Night Watchman when we talked)
Bridge to Rwanda
Child Voice …

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Don’t Show Me That Same Old PowerPoint, Buddy!

by Tom Nixon

The good news is: the bar has been set so low. We have all come to expect and dread that boring, endless procession of text and chart-filled slides matched with the drone of the presenter. This is your chance to stand ahead of your competition and build a “rock their world” presentation. Tell stories, use big bold images, keep your slides simple so that your audience can stay focused on you and fine-tune your one big idea so that it resonates down to their socks. …

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Love Your Neighbors Now

by Kelly Vandever

One year ago today, I was practicing one more time for the presentation that I’d deliver that night. Down our street, my neighbors started their days doing the activities they do any typical Tuesday.  Going to work.  Attending school.   Entertaining out of town guests.  It was a “normal” day by all accounts.

But by 7:30 PM on March 12th, the lives of those of us living on Silhouette Court would be changed forever.

My husband is a prosecuting attorney.  He has seen hundreds of jurors …

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