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Want to Broadcast a Presentation for Free Online? You Can! With PowerPoint of All Things!

By Kelly Vandever


Say you want to present to a colleague in another state. You’d like to share some information or explain a new process and a simple phone call isn’t going to suffice. You need some visual aids to go along with what you’re saying.

Did you know you can use PowerPoint to help yourself out? And it’s free!

Here’s how it works.
Prepare Your PowerPoint Slides
Prepare your presentation slides just like you normally would. You can even include animations, videos or audio files.

Optimize Your Media
If you do have media files, be sure to optimize your media first.

Go to File/Info/Optimize Media …

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Simplify Your Slides

by Tom Nixon

We’ve all sat through the endless presentation when a speaker will read full sentences direct from his visuals. An effective way to avoid inflicting this horror on your audience is to reduce your concepts to keywords or a symbol. Then you, as the speaker/expert, can enumerate whatever details are appropriate at the time from the podium.

A cautionary note: a technical audience may not appreciate oversimplification or “dumbing-down.” If details are critical consider putting them in a handout that they can take …

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Connecting Your Computer to a Projector

by Kelly Vandever

I arrived at the venue at 7 AM, hoping and praying that the employee who was scheduled to let me in would arrive before her scheduled 7:15 start time.

I hate cutting it so close.  The workshop was supposed to begin at 8 AM.

She pulled into the parking lot at 7:13.  I greeted her with genuine warmth and followed her into the building.

Once in the training room, I whipped out my MacBook computer, fired it up, plugged in …

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Updated List – Fonts in PowerPoint – Across Mac & Windows Versions of PowerPoint

by Kelly Vandever

PowerPoint Geek Kelly Vandever Rescues a Shark!
I once came to the rescue of Kevin Harrington, the famous entrepreneur who was in the first couple of seasons of Shark Tank.  He was set to speak at an event and his PC didn’t want to play nice with the venue’s projector.  Working with his assistant and tech support at the facility, we tested my MacBook and it did work with the projector.  So Kevin’s assistant quickly saved his …

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5 Things to Be Grateful for Related to Business Presentations

by Kelly Vandever

1.  Great Presenters – There’s nothing quite like that new car smell… and there’s nothing quite like a presenter who presents well.  The presenter shares content of value with their audience in a way that they not only follow but find meaningful.  OMG that’s the best feeling!

2.  Visual Slides – More and more business presenters are realizing the benefits of slides with visuals rather than riddled with bullet points.  Visual slides put the speaker more at ease – because they’re not reading their slides and …

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Common Practice Does NOT Equal Best Practice! Three Common Practices to Avoid the Next Time You Present

by Kelly Vandever

Jay was young – in fact, he was an intern…he hadn’t even finished college yet. This may have been his very first “business presentation.” But he said what I often hear clients and business presenters say: “My topic is boring. No one cares about this.”

I begged to differ. With Jay and with anyone else out there who has said the same thing, you’re wrong! You and your topic can be engaging!

If you have passion for your subject and if …

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Location for Free, Royalty-Free Pictures Has Changed! SXC.hu Is Now FreeImages.com

by Kelly Vandever

I’ve mentioned a great location for free, royalty-free pictures in one of my most popular posts.  Recently I discovered that the “name” of the website has changed.

Since Getty Images bought out iStockphoto.com, and iStockphoto had owned sxc.hu,  I guess the new owners decided to rename the site FreeImages.com.

Everything appears to have remained the same, including the terms of use.  But from now on, …

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10 Most Popular Presentation Posts of 2013 (at least at this blog site anyway)

As the year draws to a close, it’s time once again to recap the top 10 most visited blog posts of the year here at Speaking Practically.

As you think about your upcoming presentations, I hope you’ll find these topics and thoughts helpful.

Thanks for a great 2013!


#1 – What If I Don’t Like the Default Size 16:9 in PowerPoint 2013?

Currently, when opening a new slide in PowerPoint 2013, it will open by default to a larger sized slide.  Instead of the traditional 4:3 dimensions most people are used …

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Removing the Background of a Picture Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint has got this pretty slick function where it can remove the background of a picture so you can isolate just the image you want to present. When it works, it is super groovy.  The challenge is, that it doesn’t always work well.

In the video below, you’ll see how you can remove a background in a photo using PowerPoint, and what you can do when it doesn’t work smoothly.

Hope it helps you with your PowerPoint adventures!  (And if you need more help for you or your team, give me a call at 770-597-1108!  Let’s talk!)


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It’s Amazing What You Can Do in PowerPoint! Changing Colors & Cropping Images to Create a Whole New Image

“I like your slides, but I don’t have any editing software to make changes to my images.”

Those were the words one of the participants in a recent training class said.

We’d finished the session and a few stragglers stayed after the program to ask some questions.

“There’s a lot you can do in PowerPoint,” I told her.  And then I showed her how I to create this slide*…

Start with the Image on Two Blank Slides
First, I find a picture of a silhouette of people (I …

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