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Permission to Speak – Leadership Blog – Kelly Vandever Interviews Susan Basterfield



Permission to Speak

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Hosted by Leadership Communications Expert Kelly Vandever

Permission to Speak is the video blog and podcast that loiters at the intersections of leaders who want their people to speak up, technology that facilitates connections, and results that serve an organization’s higher purpose.

Our guest for this episode:  Susan Basterfield

About Susan Basterfield:

Susan Basterfield is a founding partner of Enspiral Labs in Wellington, New Zealand.  She’s written a couple dozen articles on Medium and is kind of famous for working out loud.  She’s an insatiable learner and is obsessed with creating and nurturing relationships and communities to catalyse innovation and collaboration.

Topics discussed:

Link to Susan’s Medium Articles

Book Discussed:

Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux & Ken Wilber

Questions Answered:

What can I learn from halocracy to make me a better leader?

What are some of the ways a self-managed organization works?

What’s an alternative to performance reviews done by a manager?

What are some alternatives to the leader making all the decisions?