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Location for Free, Royalty-Free Pictures Has Changed! SXC.hu Is Now FreeImages.com


sxc.hu is now free images.com

by Kelly Vandever

I’ve mentioned a great location for free, royalty-free pictures in one of my most popular posts.  Recently I discovered that the “name” of the website has changed.

Since Getty Images bought out iStockphoto.com, and iStockphoto had owned sxc.hu,  I guess the new owners decided to rename the site FreeImages.com.

Everything appears to have remained the same, including the terms of use.  But from now on, I guess we’ll need to get used to calling it FreeImages.com.

It’s a shame though — I have to lose one of my favorite jokes from my talk.  I used to emphasize the “HU” in sxc.hu and tell people that they want to make sure to use HU not .COM — because HU will give them free images they can use where as .COM may give them images, but not the kind they’re looking for…

Oh well.  I’ll have to find another way to add humor!






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7 Responses to “Location for Free, Royalty-Free Pictures Has Changed! SXC.hu Is Now FreeImages.com”

  1. Right now freeimages.com seems to be down.

    • Jutta B.
    • Reply
    • I have noticed it be a little flaky but it seems to be working again. Thanks Jutta.

  2. super photos

  3. Have you noticed there is not a single new image available since June 26 2014.

    • BJA
    • Reply
    • Wow, BJA, I had not noticed. Seems to correspond with the transition to the new site name. Guessing that Getty Images don’t like giving away pics for free…

    • I just uploaded about five new photos a few weeks ago. Not a single download of any of them. Very strange.

      • Brandon
      • Reply
      • That’s interesting Brandon. I was searching for some pictures this past weekend. It’s seemed to me that there were a lot of “missing” pictures when FreeImages brought back the search results, and when I did find a picture I wanted to use, I got an error message when I tried to download the image. But it does seem to be working OK today…


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